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Bumble and Bumble

Over Two Decades of Superlative Hair Care

Bumble and Bumble hair care products have been around for over 20 years. That’s a long time to perfect their products! Combine that with the wonderful results they achieve and the rave reviews they get, and they’ve established for themselves a stability and respect. They’ve won awards for their products and have continued to be popular in the hair care industry.

They make everything from shampoos and conditioners to serums and sprays. We recently started carrying their entire line of products! Not only that, but our stylists have trained at Bumble and Bumble University in New York, and provide styling tips and demonstrations so you can learn to use Bumble and Bumble to enhance your beauty.

How Bumble and Bumble products started

Bumble and Bumble started as a salon in NYC in 1977. It was ultimately voted as one of the top ten salons in NYC.

After getting frustrated over mediocre existing hair products, they created the Bumble and Bumble product line. Today they have a vast network of salons full of hairdressers who were trained in Bumble and Bumble’s philosophy of styling, coloring and cutting and who carry their full product line.

Bumble and Bumble hair care products are still exclusive; drugstores and your “average stores” aren’t licensed to sell them. They’ve expanded while maintaining themselves as a high-quality, salon-level product line.

Bumble and Bumble appearances

Many hair stylists use Bumble products when styling celebrities’ and models’ hair. Various Bumble products have been mentioned in magazines such as Allure, Elle, Teen Vogue, Glamour and more.

The hair stylists from shows such as True Blood, Modern Family, The Twilight Saga, Damages and more have all been quoted saying they used Bumble and Bumble to ply their trades.

Two Bumble and Bumble men’s products were recipients of Detail Magazine’s Best Grooming Awards and appeared in the magazine receiving that award.

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