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Oribe Hair Care Products

Celebrity Favorite and Industry Leading Hair Product

Generally considered the best hair product line around, Oribe is known for having the highest quality products. Their products are popular amongst celebrities and other people who seek the most glamorous and beautiful hair.

Oribe hair products can’t be obtained at “just any location”, but actually need to be purchased through select retailers or directly from Oribe’s website. Only a limited amount of hair salons carry Oribe products. At Studio 4 Salon, we recognize the importance of great hair products in creating great hairstyles, so we carry the entire line of Oribe products.

These products can help us and help you get the sleek, sophisticated and glamorous look you want!

How Oribe hair products came about

Oribe products were created by hairstylist legend Oribe Canales. Oribe has been hairstyling since the late 80s, and is widely known for his large impact in the hairstyling industry and for the many celebrities whose hair he styles.

Oribe currently owns a salon in Miami, Florida. He and his stylists cater to celebrities, models, locals and more. Oribe continues to do high-profile print assignments for magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle and many more.

About Oribe hair products

For decades, Oribe has been working on styling hair and creating his trademark glamorous looks. He’s been blending custom combinations of styling potions to create those looks.

He found the perfect combination of styling potions, then partnered with leading formulators, and created his Oribe hair products line so people can enjoy the added volume, strength and luster to their hair.

The products have top-level treatment capabilities, but they use ingredients that treat naturally. His collection is paraben and sodium chloride-free, and is scented lightly by specially commissioned French perfumes.

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